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𐄷 Bazed Games DAO Assurance of Provable Fairness

When it comes to generating random numbers (RNG), the BAZED platform relies on an independent third-party service to craft these numbers in a way that is transparent, can be validated, and is definitively impartial. This service extends genuine random values to all users via a specialized API.

Within the BAZED environment, users are allocated tickets, granting them the ability to generate random numbers or sequences. This unambiguous and open system permits any user to inspect and authenticate the status of a ticket at their discretion. This unique attribute enables BAZED to declare the integrity of the game outcomes with confidence.

The procedure of initiating a game on the BAZED platform encompasses issuing a ticket through the third-party service's API. Subsequently, the related random values are generated in conjunction with the given ticket once the game reaches its conclusion. It's crucial to recognize that BAZED has no capacity to manipulate or command the random value that is produced. This value is solely generated through the linked ticket, thereby ensuring the attainment of absolute randomness.

This solid framework permits users to confirm the following aspects:

  1. The utilization of the ticket for generating random values post-game conclusion.

  2. The precise random value produced by the ticket.

  3. The alignment between the game's outcome and the result determined by the random value along with the associated code segment.

For example, an unused ticket will produce a specific string like '9gEfVzMIa' upon activation.

Jackpot and Coinflip Games

  1. A game is initiated when a player makes the opening bet. A ticket is issued at this point and displayed to players through the user interface. Players can scrutinize and ensure that the ticket stays inactive until the game's termination.

  2. Following the game's end, the ticket initially issued prompts the generation of a random sequence. Players can confirm that this sequence was indeed produced by the appropriate ticket.

  3. By utilizing the given code snippet with the random sequence created by the ticket, players can authenticate the game's final result.

The demonstrable impartiality of BAZED amplifies the credibility and integrity of our platform, providing players with assurance regarding the fairness and openness of our gaming experience.

πŸš“ AML Policy

BAZED stands committed to aligning with extensive anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, aiming to offer a protected and compliant gaming platform.


BAZED operates as a virtual gaming platform managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), known as BAZED. Rather than being an online casino or a physical entity, it functions as a virtual space that connects gamers worldwide.

AML Policy Objective

At BAZED, safeguarding our users and customers is paramount. To that end, we've instituted a tri-level account authentication procedure to affirm customer identity. This process ensures the accuracy of user information and that the financial methods used are secure and not subject to fraudulent manipulation. This verification serves as a cornerstone of our robust approach to thwarting money laundering. Moreover, we tailor safety precautions based on customer nationality, origin, and payment practices.

BAZED Commitment to AML

BAZED deploys significant controls to reduce the likelihood of money laundering, including allocating necessary resources. Our commitment to maintaining AML standards is consistent with EU rules and obligations. We expect our staff and management to apply these norms to avert the misuse of our services for unlawful purposes.

Compliance with Regulations

BAZED AML program adheres to several EU and BE legislations, including but not limited to:

  • EU Directives and Regulations relating to money laundering prevention

  • BE laws concerning the prevention of money laundering and cash usage limitation

Money Laundering Definition

Money laundering is generally understood as the act of converting or moving property, particularly money, with the knowledge of its illicit origin. Its intention is to obscure the illegal nature of the property or aid others in evading legal consequences.

AML Organization at BAZED

BAZED has entrusted its management with the utmost responsibility for money laundering prevention in accordance with AML laws.

AML Policy Alterations

Significant modifications to BAZED AML policy must receive endorsement from DAO's management.

Three-Level Verification Process

1. Initial Verification:

Necessary for all users, this step may include the completion of a document with personal information.

2. Intermediate Verification:

For certain financial transactions, this phase may involve ID submission and electronic checks.

3. Advanced Verification:

Required for higher financial transactions, this step may request information regarding the user's wealth sources.

Customer Identification (KYC) at BAZED

This includes an identification process, proof of address, and possibly a source of funds procedure.

Sanctions and PEPs

BGBAZEDD employs www.opensanctions.org database for screening against open sanctions, political exposures, and more.

BAZED Risk Management

The risk management strategy categorizes countries into three risk regions and takes additional measures like AI system usage, enterprise-wide risk assessment, continuous transaction monitoring, and more.

Reporting, Procedures, Record Keeping

Guidelines are in place for suspicious transaction reporting, record retention, and internal procedures.

Training, Auditing, Data Security

BAZED mandates AML training for relevant employees, conducts regular internal audits, and ensures robust data security.

Contact Information

For inquiries about BAZED AML and KYC Policy, you may contact us at support@bazed.bet.

By maintaining a steadfast commitment to the security and ethical practices outlined in this policy, BAZED strives to ensure that its platform remains a reliable and law-abiding space for gaming enthusiasts around the world.

πŸ”Ž Know Your Customer (KYC) Guidelines

Compliance Measures

BAZED rigorously enforces KYC regulations to foster a safe and regulation-abiding gaming atmosphere.

General Overview

BAZED commitment to countering the criminal misuse of funds and terrorism financing (AML/CFT) is unwavering. A pivotal component of our AML/CFT strategy is player identification. We guarantee verification of player identities when delivering services or in situations involving atypical transactions. This document provides an overview of our Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process and methods for monitoring irregular transactions.

"Know Your Client" (KYC) Process

Core KYC Principles

To engage in gaming activities on the BAZED platform, players must register an account through our website. Key identification details required for registration include:

  • Full name

  • Address (with postal code and city)

  • Nationality

  • Birthdate

  • Valid email address (with link verification)

  • Username and password (with dual-entry verification)

  • Telephone number (with call or SMS verification)

Prior to first login, a non-confidential activation link is sent to the registered email. Following link activation, players can access their account and add funds.

Players from countries listed under Restricted Jurisdictions cannot register or play on our platform, respecting specific regional gaming prohibitions.

IP concealment through VPNs, proxies, or other means violates BAZED general terms and is expressly forbidden.

Extended KYC Guidelines

The BAZED verification team may undertake supplementary verification processes for deposits or withdrawals reaching or exceeding 3000 Euros/USD. This might also apply to smaller payouts or random security assessments. Verification methods might comprise National ID cards, passports, personal account number cards, proof of residence, or self-photos for authentication.

BAZED aims to assure that all gaming activities are legitimate, transparent, and devoid of criminal connections. Periodically, we might need to contact you to assist in validating your identity and affirming sufficient funds for gaming.

To ascertain the origin of funds used for betting, additional information, such as employment or income data, supported by documents like bank statements, may be required.

All personal information submitted or retained by us will be handled following our Privacy Policy, explaining our information management practices.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Protocols

Player-to-player fund transfers are forbidden, as they may enable money laundering. Vigilant monitoring of player behaviors, including deposit and playing patterns, is crucial to deter potential money laundering. Our state-of-the-art tools enable us to proficiently manage each risk category.

Should any unusual transactions be detected, a report will be filed with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Curacao.

πŸ’² Membership, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Offers

Creating and Managing Your Membership Account

To engage in games at BAZED, you need to register a personal Membership Account. Registration from locations where online gambling or cryptocurrency use in gaming is forbidden will not be accepted.

By registering, you acknowledge that you're in compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction and that you're not utilizing prohibited means to access our platform.

BAZED is unable to confirm the legality of our service in every jurisdiction. It's your responsibility to ensure that your activities on our platform are lawful where you live. If you're a resident in a Restricted Jurisdiction, you must not use the Platform. Breaching this may lead to immediate closure of your Membership Account.

Please take note:

  • Only one Membership Account per person is allowed. Multiple accounts will be suspended or closed.

  • If you find any errors concerning your account or calculations on a bet, report them to us promptly.

  • Accounts unused for 12 months will incur monthly administrative costs of up to 2.5% after an initial notice at 6 months.

  • Accurate registration information is essential, and false or misleading details may lead to account closure.

  • Safeguard your login details; you are solely responsible for their security.

  • Password changes will disable withdrawals for 48 hours for security purposes.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To play any game, your Membership Account must hold enough currency. You can fund your account with crypto-wallets and credit cards you control, using only your own funds.

Withdrawal requests are subject to our policy, and crypto withdrawals are made to your specified Crypto wallet address.

For any withdrawals over $1000 USDC, BAZED may carry out additional KYC verification. This also applies to smaller withdrawals as deemed necessary.

We actively check transactions to deter money laundering. Any suspicious activity must be reported to BAZED immediately. If legally required, BAZED may suspend or close a Member Account and withhold funds.

Please note that funds used for playing are consumed instantly and are non-refundable.

Promotional Activities

Special offers, rewards, and promotions follow distinct terms and are additional to these general conditions. In case of conflicts, specific promotion terms will prevail.

Closing Membership Accounts

You may close your Membership Account by writing to our customer support. The account closure aligns with the termination of these Terms and Conditions. If the closure relates to concerns about possible gambling addiction, please state this in your request.

Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines help in maintaining a secure and enjoyable gaming environment at Bazed Games DAO. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at support@bazed.games.

🀞 Ethical Gaming Commitment

Championing Ethical Gaming Principles

At BAZED, we serve as a beacon for ethical gaming within our community. Being an integral part of the gaming industry, BAZED is committed to providing an exceptional gaming experience while ensuring the well-being of our players. Engaging in online gaming can be exhilarating but demands careful consideration. Through understanding ethical gaming principles, players can enjoy gaming as a source of entertainment without it becoming a concern.

The Concept of Ethical Gaming

Ethical gaming encompasses an array of principles, regulations, and guidelines relevant to various participants in the gaming field, such as players, gaming suppliers, and DAO-governed platforms like BAZED. At its core, ethical gaming emphasizes that gaming:

  • Is enjoyed as a recreational activity, rather than a means to generate profit.

  • Does not interfere with personal or professional obligations.

  • Does not lead to financial strain or difficulty.

Fostering Ethical Gaming Practices

Setting Boundaries: Determine in advance the time and resources you intend to allocate to gaming, and strictly adhere to these limits.

Taking Regular Breaks: Periodic pauses in gaming can help retain a well-rounded view of your gaming activities. Regular detachment from gaming devices is vital.

Seeking Prompt Support: If gaming becomes a concern, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Various organizations provide assistance and resources to those struggling with gaming-related issues.

Voluntary Personal Restrictions

We offer a voluntary self-restriction policy for those who want to set personal limits. You can deactivate your account or reduce your betting on our platform. To apply these restrictions on the BAZED platform, please utilize the self-exclusion tool located in the "Self Exclusion" tab in your BAZED profile, or contact our support team to learn more about this service. Guidance will be provided in implementing this self-restriction service.

While BAZED strives to reinforce your efforts to prevent problem gaming, we must clarify that we cannot be held accountable if we do not detect or recognize improper use of our platform.

We fervently support ethical gaming and encourage you to consult the following resources to learn about problem gaming:

  • Gambling Therapy

  • GambleAware

  • US National Council on Problem Gambling

  • Tips to Help You Keep Gaming Enjoyable

For detailed insights into BAZED Self Exclusion policy, please consult our Self Exclusion section.

Access Control & Responsible Gaming

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Access Control

At BAZED, we understand that gaming practices should be conducted with restraint and self-awareness. For individuals looking to regulate their access to our gaming offerings, we extend an access control service. This feature empowers users to reduce or entirely impede their interaction with our platform.

To initiate this process, you may find a dedicated tool within your BAZED profile under the "Access Control" section or contact our support team for more detailed information. While BAZED is devoted to assisting you in averting excessive gaming, we must clarify that if we are unable to detect unauthorized use of our platform, we cannot be held accountable for it.

To deepen your understanding of responsible gaming and how to maintain it as a pleasurable pastime, you may find these resources helpful:

  • Gambling Therapy

  • GambleAware

  • US National Council on Problem Gambling

  • Tips for Enjoyable Gaming

Responsible Gaming Policy


Gaming should be an enjoyable leisure and entertainment activity for most, but for some, it can lead to adverse consequences. Hence, our policy is crafted to articulate our commitment to responsible gaming, aiming to mitigate potential harm to those at risk of compulsive gaming.

Responsible Gaming Philosophy

The approach towards "Responsible Gaming" is to balance individual accountability for one's actions with the ethical obligation of service providers, aiming to minimize potential harm related to compulsive gaming.

Problematic Gaming

Compulsive gaming occurs when an individual loses control over their gaming habits, notably concerning their betting expenditure and time devoted to gaming.

Customer Care Commitment

BAZED strives to lead the industry in fostering a secure gaming environment. We champion responsible gaming practices and provide instrumental aids to help our customers govern their gaming behavior.

Collaborative Responsibility

BAZED collaborates with governments, communities, and individuals to empower customers to regulate their gaming activities, and to provide support to those wrestling with compulsive gaming.

Protection of Minors

As a responsible entity, we work assiduously to shield minors from our platform. Our services are exclusively for those 18 years or older, and we recommend using filtering software to prevent access by minors.

Additional Support

Should you require further assistance, our support team is readily accessible via email or live chat, ready to furnish information about available support in your jurisdiction.

Terms & Procedures

Access Control Procedure

Access control signifies a pause in gaming activities for a designated span, either temporarily or indefinitely.

Upon requesting an access control period, specific terms will apply. The process commences once you receive a confirmation email, followed by a 24-hour cooling-off period. Afterward, a support agent will outline the available options.

Should an access control be activated, any remaining funds will be manually returned. Any account balance is prohibited during this period, and account access for fund withdrawal is restricted.

The requested access control is binding and non-negotiable until its expiration. All reasonable efforts will be made to enforce compliance, but you must acknowledge that BAZED cannot be held liable if you manage to bypass this.

Any wagers, rewards, or promotional entries during an access control period will be nullified. After the termination of the access control period, your account will be reactivated, with an email notification sent to your registered address. It is imperative that you refrain from depositing or wagering during the access control period.

Dispute Resolution

Should you encounter any issues or have a complaint related to our services, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team. You can connect with us through a Discord ticket or by sending an email to support@bazed.games. At Bazed Games DAO, we prioritize swift and effective resolution of all concerns raised.In the event that you are dissatisfied with the resolution provided through our internal processes, there are provisions for dispute escalation. We aim to ensure your utmost satisfaction and a fair resolution to any issues you might encounter.

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